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Kundalini Yoga and Seven chakras

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is the practice of awakening and raising the kundalini shakti. Kundalini shakti is concentrated cosmic power situated in our astral body, around the base of the spine. Its in the astral body around 3 ½ coils around the base of the spine. Major practices used in kundalini yoga are asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra and mantra. There are three major nadis kundalini works with

1)      Pingla (left, solar)

2)      Ida (right, lunar)

3)      Sushumna

The goal is to purify the three nadis to enable the proper flow of kundalini shakti.

Chakras are energy centres or wheels that move energy or awareness centres. Every energy centre has its own awareness central. There are 48 main chakras, 7 major chakras and there are many minor chakras. Below are the seven major chakras.

Mooladhara (root chakra)

This is the lowest chakra. Mool means base or root and adhar means support. The location is between the genitals (base of the spine). It has the size of the tip of your pink finger. Every chakra has an element and the element of the root chakra is earth. The color of the chakra is none. Chakras actually don’t have a color, because it’s energy and energy has no color. The reason some people say that its color is red (lava red) is because it reflects the color of the element surrounding it (earth). The sound of the chakra is Lam. The qualities associated with this chakra are survival and stability. If the awareness is stuck at this stage we are busy with food, sex, stability an security.

Swadishthana (sacral chakra)

It stands for self space / your own identity. The element of this chakra is water. The color of this chakra is orange (below red, above yellow and water reflects earth so the color is orange. Water is transparant of its own and has no color). Seed sound is Vam. Qualities are desires, ego, (the ego creates desires), attachment and enjoyment. This chakra is where we as human beings are stuck on in this time. According to Vedas we are stuck on our desires. All we think of us is about our desires and how to fulfill them.

Manipura (solar plexus chakra)

Mani means gem and Pura means place. This chakra is the place of fire. The location is three fingers above your belly button. The color is yellow due to the element fire. Quality is self esteem, personal power, wilfulness and energy. Seed sound of the chakra is Ram.

Anahata (heart chakra)

An means un and ahat means hurt or pain. So this chakra can not be hurt. Quality is universal love. When you are not attached you cannot be hurt. Element is air (in the chest area). The color is green, because below yellow and above blue. Green is the reflection of green and blue together). Seed sound is Yam.

Visshudhi (throat chakra)

Vi means extra or really and Shhudh means pure. The location is the base of our throat. The element is space. Color is bright blue. Seed sound is ham. The main qualities are giving, nurturing, expressing, communication.

Ajna (eyebrow or third eye chakra)

It means to command (because it’s also the seed of the mind. Element is which can not be explained and the element within it. Seed sound is Om. All the perceiving or understanding (knowing) is through this chakra. Qualities are perceiving, analyzing, command and seed of free will. Location between the eyebrows four inches back.

Sahastrara (crown chakra)

Sahastrara means thousands. This is the seat of awareness. Color is violet (some people say it’s white). The sound is Aum (it contains all the sounds of all other chakras). There is no element as we are beyond any element at this stage.

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