Arhanta Yoga teacher training is very well taught both physically and spiritually...
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This training provided me with a learning experience above and beyond my expectations...
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Just amazed with the knowledge and the confidence I gained in just four weeks of this training...
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Yoga Asana (Postures) Guide

This yoga asana poses guide will give you step by step instructions ans detialed information about the basic yoga asana postures. This yoga asana posture guide explains how to do yoga asana properly, what are the benefits of yoga asana poses etc.

The Arhanta Yoga Asana Class begins with two breathing exercises (Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati) after a short initial relaxation. After the breathing exercises the spine is warmed up with the Sun Salutation. To bring awareness to the abdominals and to strengthen the lower back and stomach muscles the Sun Salutation is followed by leg raising exercises. After these warm up exercises the practice of the Yoga Asanas (Yoga postures) begins.

The Arhanta Yoga Class consists of 17 basic yoga asanas. The sequence of these asanas is designed to suit the needs of beginners as well as advanced yoga  practitioners. The yoga asana sequence enables the students to consistently build up strength and flexibility as well as balance and concentration. A very important part of the class are the short moments of relaxation after a couple of poses, also called Shavasana (Corpse Pose). The final relaxation allows the students to relax completely – physically, mentally and spiritually.

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