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Plough - Halasana

The Plough is a forward-bending position that stretches the entire spine, but the main focus is on the
cervical region. It makes the spine more flexible and healthy, also stretching the hips and leg muscles.

Basic Instructions

1. From the Shoulderstand, slowly lower both
feet down towards the floor behind the head.
Keeping the knees straight, heels pushing



2. If the toes can touch the floor, students
can bring the hands to the floor behind the
back, palms flat on the floor, hands parallel to
each other. People who are not able to bring
the toes to the floor should keep the hands
on the back and support it to avoid straining
the back muscles.

3. Keep the knees straight, push the heels
away. Hold the Plough for 30 seconds to
begin, slowly increase to 2 minutes. You can
also interlock the fingers and stretch you
arms, squeezing the shoulder blades

4. To come out of the position students can
return to the Shoulderstand or hold the
ankles and slowly roll the back on the floor.

• All regions of the spine are stretched bringing increased flexibility to neck and spine. Spinal nerves are
• Tension is released from the cervical region.
• Muscles of back, shoulders and arms are strengthened.
• Internal organs are massaged; indigestion and constipation are relieved. Kidney and bladder are
• Insomnia is relieved.
• The mind becomes clear and calm.

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