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How to do kakasana, how to practice crow pose

Crow – Kakasana

Although all asanas are done to prepare the mind and body for meditation, it is the balancing poses which
give the most noticeable improvement in concentration power. The Kakasana (Crow) helps to develop
mental balance and focus.

Basic Instructions


1. Sit on the toes with feet and knees wide
apart. Spread the fingers as wide apart as
possible. Place the palms flat on the floor,
under the shoulders. Rotate the hands
outwards so that the fingers are slightly

2. Bend the elbows outward placing the
upper arms into crease of the knees.



3. Focusing the eyes on a point one foot in
front of the body inhale deeply and shift the
weight slowly onto the hands.

4. Slowly lift the feet off the ground, one foot
at a time




crow35. Keep breathing and Keep looking at a
point on the ground and try to hold the
position for 10 seconds, increasing the time
slowly to 1 minute. Repeat 3-4 times.

6. Lower the feet to the floor. Shake the
wrists and relax them.


• The Crow strengthens the arms, wrists and shoulders.
• It increases the breathing capacity by expanding the chest.
• The muscles of fingers, wrists and forearms are stretched.
• It is an excellent pose for people who work at jobs where they are in danger of suffering from repetitive
strain injury. The Crow helps to increase the powers of concentration and remove lethargy. It promotes
physical and mental balance.

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