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bridge pose instructions, setubandhasana

Half Bridge – Ardha Setubandhasana

The Bridge is done immediately after the Plough, as a counter-position for the thoracic and lumbar regions
of the spine. It is a simple but powerful pose, it complements and enhances the benefits of both the
Shoulderstand and the Plough.

Basic Instructions (Beginners)

1. Relaxing on your back, bend the knees
closer to the hips and bring the feet hip wide apart, flat on the floor.







2. Lift the hips and support you back by

bridge2bringing the hands in the same position as in the Shoulderstand (fingers pointing in
towards the spine and thumbs up alongside
the body). Keep the head and shoulders on
the ground. Push your pelvis up as high as
possible, bringing the chest closer to your
chin. Hold the position for 30 seconds,
release the hands, lower the back and return to the relaxation position.

Note: Push the hips as high as possible. Feet and legs should be as parallel as possible.

Basic Instructions(Advanced)

1. After holding the Plough, return to the Shoulderstand.
2. Bend both knees. Leading with one foot, lower one foot at a time onto the ground behind the back
(opposite side of the body from the Plough). Do not change the hand positions.
3. The hands will remain on the back in the same position that they were in the Shoulderstand. Make sure
that both feet are flat on the floor, hips are up as high as possible and both the head and shoulders remain
on the ground. Hold the position for 30 seconds, increasing to one minute.
4. Return to the Shoulderstand by inhaling deeply as you kick one leg up, followed by the other. Lower both
feet halfway down over the head and slowly roll out of the Shoulderstand.


• The Bridge reverses the stretch of the Shoulderstand, stretching the thoracic and lumbar regions of the
spine in the opposite direction.
• Abdominal and lumbar muscles are strengthened
• Liver and spleen are regulated, thus enhancing the body’s ability to:
– digest fats
– deactivate hormones, drugs and toxins
– manufacture proteins of blood plasma
– store and produce glucose
– regulate homeostasis of blood sugar
– produce, store and use red blood cells efficiently

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