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Sun Salutation - Surya Namaskar

Traditionally performed in the morning facing the sun, sun salutation was practiced to raise the energy
of the body thus preparing it for the vigorous asana practice. It is highly recommended to start all
sessions of Yoga asanas with the Sun Salutation. It is an excellent general warm up exercise that consists
of 12 different spinal positions. It gives a wide range of spinal movements that promote flexibility in the
spine and in the other limbs of the body. The Sun Salutation is very beneficial for everyone and
especially for elderly and very stiff people because it increases the flexibility of the body very quickly.
The Sun Salutation is not an asana but a series of gentle flowing movements coordinated with the
breath to warm up the spine and to raise the energy in the body.
The Sun Salutation gives an initial warm up and stretches to the body preparing it for further asanas.
Using hundreds of muscles, regulating the breath and focusing the mind the Sun Salutation is very
effective and should be repeated six to twelve times.

Basic Instructions

Beginning position: Stand straight with spine erect
and shoulders relaxed. The feet are hip width
apart. The knees are straight but not hyper
extended; the arms are relaxed next to the body.

1. Inhale and Exhale, bring your palms together in
front of the chest.
• Shoulders are relaxed and elbows are out
towards the sides and relaxed.
• Knees are straight but relaxed; head is
erect. Reach out with the crown of the
head towards the ceiling.



2. Inhale and stretch your arms up over your head;
arch your body backward.
• The head and arms are alongside the ears,
looking diagonally up.
• knees are straight, hips pushing forward.
Remember not to drop the head back.





3. Exhale and bent forward, bringing the palms to
the floor next to the feet.
• If you can't place your palms on the floor
with the knees straight, you can bend the
knees slightly.
• Reach with your head toward your knees.



4. Keeping your hands there inhale and bring your
right leg back as far as possible.
• Place the right knee on the ground, point
the right foot.
• Push you pelvis forward without losing the
90 degree angle of your left knee.
• Head is reaching up, whilst palms remain
on the floor next to feet in straight line.
• Right and left legs will alternate going back
on alternate Salutations.


5. Retain the breath and bring the left leg back.
• Body is in a straight line (push-up position)
from the head to the heels.
• Look one foot away from your hands.


6. Exhale and drop your knees, chest and forehead
to the floor.
• Keep the hips up.
• Without moving your body backward bring
your chest down to the floor between your
hands. Then bring the forehead to the
• Knees, chest and forehead are touching
the ground, hips are up in the air.

7. Inhale and scoop forward, looking upwards.
• Arch the chest up and bring the head back.
• Legs remain on the ground.
• Do not move the hands as you come into
this position.
• Elbows are straight and shoulders pushing


8. Exhale, curl your toes and push the hips up.
• without moving the hands or feet push the
hips up as high as possible.
• The hands are flat on ground, heels on the
floor. Head is between the arms; look at
your feet, trying to bring the chest to the
• This position is known as the inverted-V



9. Inhale and bring the right foot forward in
between the hands.
• Bring the fingers and toes in one line.
• Drop the left knee to the floor, point the
left foot, push your pelvis forward
reaching towards the right heel.
• Stretch the head up – same as position 4.
• Right and left legs will alternate coming
forward on alternate Salutations.

10. Exhale and keeping your the hands there, bring
the left foot forward next to the right foot.
• Forehead towards the knees, nose in
between the knees – hands are holding
the ankles.
• Keep the hips as high as possible.






11. Inhale; reach out and up, arch backwards -
same as position 2.

12. Exhale and bring your arms forward and down
along side your body, returning to the starting



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