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Just amazed with the knowledge and the confidence I gained in just four weeks of this training...
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FAQ : Yoga Teacher Training February 2014

(February 17 – March 14, 2014)

Please read these FAQ carefully for practical information regarding the course and your stay at the ashram:

  • When is the balance fees due? The balance fees is payable before 10 weeks prior to the course i.e. 9thDecember 2013, afterward the non paid seats will be given to applicants in waiting list.
  • Do I need a visa? (Nationality: other than Indian) Yes you will need a visa for India. It is advised to ask for a “Tourist visa” with “Traveling” as purpose.
  • I need a reference address to use for visa application form? Please use our Administration office address (149A Sainik Farms, New Delhi 110068)
  • Are any immunization recommended? Generally no immunization is required, but please consult your physician before coming.
  • Will the program be in English? Yes, program will be taught in English.
  • What date/time should I arrive and leave? You should arrive on 17th February and you can leave after 11:30 AM on 14th March.
  • When will be the complementary pickup /drop? Group pickup on 17th February and drop on 14th March morning and evening, to and from Khajuraho airport / train station.
  • Which airport is the closest to the ashram ? Khajuraho airport (14 kms) and Khajuraho train station (12 kms).
  • What is the temperature like in February ? General temperature will be 14C – 24C.
  • How much personal belongs should I bring it or allowed? It’s up to you, but you are suggested to carry light.
  • What kind of clothes should I bring? Bring some comfortable clothes T-shirts / yoga pants etc for yoga practice, some shawl for early morning meditation.
  • Is there a washing machine or laundry facility at ashram? There is no laundry service at ashram, everyone washes their clothes with hands. You can bring extra clothes if you prefer.
  • Is health care provided in case of injury or illness? Assistance is provided but please carry enough medical insurance / travel insurance before leaving your country.
  • What kind of food & drinks will be served? Pure vegetarian and organic seasonal vegetable, fruits.
  • Is it possible to order special diet like black tea, with out sugar etc? As it is practically not possible to provide with individual requirements to each student, we request the students to choose from the available choices only.
  • How many meals a day will be included? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Herbal tea.
  • Will I be able to shower daily? Yes, the bathrooms are with cold shower facility, hot water is available in buckets.
  • How to reach Khajuraho airport / train station? There are daily flights and trains to Khajuraho from New Delhi, Varanasi, Agra and various other major cities.
  • What is your refund policy? All the fees is non refundable, but it is transferable latest 10 weeks before the commencement of the course.
  • How can communicate to my family while there? There is a payphone for international calling is available.
  • Is there a weekly free day for shopping and excursions? The first two Mondays will be the weekly off days. On the third Monday there may be some extra classes / workshops.
  • Do I have to bring my own yoga own mat, meditation cushion etc? You don’t necessarily have to bring them with you, you can also buy yoga mat at ashram for reasonable price.
  • What kind of footwear I should bring? Slippers for ashram and comfortable shoes for morning walks.
  • Do I need to bring alarm clock? Yes please bring an alarm clock.
  • Do I need to bring my own towel and toiletries? Yes, please bring your own towel and toiletries; you can also buy toiletries at ashram at reasonable prices.
  • Can I bring my camera in ashram? Yes, but it can not be used in classroom area.
  • Will I be provided bed sheets? Yes you will be provided 2 bed sheets and pillow covers.
  • Where can I book local air / train tickets and hotels ? You can book them at or
  • What kind of plug do I need for my electrical appliances? Normal 2 pin European plug works well in India, US plugs need a converter.
  • I wish to travel through India after the course, what are the common places of interest? It totally depends upon you but mostly people like to visit Agra, Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, Varanasi etc
  • Is there someone who can help me with my travel arrangements in India? Yes, you can contact our travel agent Mr. Kamlesh Kumar ( for air / train ticket or any other travel arrangements.
  • Shall I bring Indian Rupees with me? Yes please bring Indian Rupees for shopping etc as USD / Euros are not accepted in local markets.
  • Can I withdraw money from ATM ? Yes it is possible to withdraw money in Rupees from ATM at the city on the free days .
  • What amount of spending money I should bring? For excursions etc 20-50 Euros should be enough, but also depends how much you want to spend on shopping.

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing for Yoga asana class. You will be provided 2 pairs of uniform for theory classes.
  • Comfortable slippers/ shoes for early morning walks.
  • Mosquito cream.
  • Working wrist watch with second’s hand for How to teach classes.
  • Battery operated alarm clock, a torch and an umbrella.
  • Writing material (pen, pencil, markers etc).
  • Toiletries and towels.
  • Yoga mat, cushion. (Also available at ashram for reasonable price).
  • Meditation shawl for morning meditations.

If you have any further questions regarding your visit or the course, please contact us at

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