Arhanta Yoga teacher training is very well taught both physically and spiritually...
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This training provided me with a learning experience above and beyond my expectations...
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Just amazed with the knowledge and the confidence I gained in just four weeks of this training...
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Payment via Paypal Online Secured Payment Gateway

Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding with the payment:

  • To pay click on Pay Now button below.
  • (Please don’t forget to Add 3.9% Paypal gateway charges to principle amount otherwise you will need to send them again).
  • It will take you to Paypal Online Payment Gateway.
  • On the page, left hand side bottom, you will see;
    Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue
  • Click on Continue
  • Fill in your card details.
  • Enter the payable amount in Euros with 3.9% paypal charges added to it.
  • After making the payment please send us an email so we can trace your payment.
  • In case of any problem please inform us immediately at

(Please note that the Paypal gateway charges can be up to 4.2% and depend on the country of payment origin, in case there is a difference in charges we will inform you the same after getting the Paypal statement)

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