Arhanta Yoga teacher training is very well taught both physically and spiritually...
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Yoga teacher training in India with International Certification


Yoga teacher training in India with International Certification

Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training at Arhanta Yoga Ashram India from 2nd October 2013

(New Delhi, India, August 27th 2013) Arhanta Yoga announced international yoga teacher certification at their traditional yoga ashram in India. As per the spokesperson for Arhanta Yoga Mr Pramod Jain : “This course gives international certification and recognition while following authentic yogic lifestyle for a month in traditional yoga ashram in India. After completion students will be able to teach worldwide with our certification.”

As per Mr. Jain Arhanta Yoga teacher training India is one of the few courses which are recognized by international Yoga organization – Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is a reputed organization which controls and supports professional standards for yoga teacher training in India as well as other countries.

The course will provide 200 hour yoga teacher certification which will help the graduates to teach yoga worldwide as well as register as a yoga teacher with any reputed insurance company. The 200 hour certification is a standard criteria for any professional training for yoga teachers. The topics which will be covered are classical yoga, hatha  yoga, ashtanga yoga, yogic philisophies, vedic philosophy, teaching techniques, assisting behaviour, motivation and renewal skills, anatomy, physiology, meditation, concentration, energy purification, setting up yoga studio, teacher student relationship, ethics for yoga teacher, kundalini yoga, jnana yoga, karma yoga and bhakti yoga.

Certification will be given after theory and practical tests at the end of the event. Students will also need to prove their teaching skills and communication skills in order to qualify for the exams.

More information on the event can be found official site of Arhanta Yoga Ashram India.

Contact Person:

Mr Pramod Jain / Mr. Omkar

About the Yoga Ashram:

Arhanta Yoga Ashram | Khajuraho, India

Website: , Email:

Phone: +18887172812






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