Arhanta Yoga teacher training is very well taught both physically and spiritually...
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This training provided me with a learning experience above and beyond my expectations...
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Just amazed with the knowledge and the confidence I gained in just four weeks of this training...
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    • Blathnaid“The Arhanta yoga teacher training has really surpassed my expectations. This course has everything required to prepare anyone interested to become a qualified yoga teacher. No matter what your age or experience levels are, all that is required is an open mind and enthusiasm to learn. There was a lot of variety in the course along with excellently planned schedule, the curriculum is very well rounded with excellent coverage of Yogic philosophy, yogic way of lifestyle and well challenging yoga asana classes. The countryside setting is ideal for the course as it is peaceful and located in an area surrounded by diverse nature. I met so many wonderful people from around the world. I would highly recommend this course for anyone thinking of becoming a yoga teacher. It is an experience never to be forgotten! ” Blathnaid, Ireland

  • Britney“My experience at Arhanta has been exceptional. My asana practice has improved immensely and my skills and confidence to be a Yoga teacher have reached a point that I never imagined upon my arrival for the course. I think this program attracts very kindred spirits, the friendships made here are certainly going to be lifelong. The teachers were an ideal balance between firmness and gentleness which allowed for physical and mental growth and spiritual reflection. This month has been incredibly challenging but a true catalyst in spiritual journey. I look forward to go home and using the skills and knowledge I have gained here to begin teaching Yoga.” Britney Stables, Canada


  • Michelle“I am so thankful that I came to Arhanta ashram to learn how to teach Yoga and develop my practice. Our teachers gave us the true knowledge of Yoga in its authentic original form. My understanding of yoga has come to a whole new level and I am inspired to live better and be the person I want to be. I really enjoyed the simple ashram atmosphere and the closeness between all the students and teachers. It was very supportive and caring environment. I am very proud of all of us for accomplishing our dream to teach Yoga and look forward to seeing where our paths will take us, Thank you.” Michelle Bunney, Canada
  • Ana“I really enjoyed Arhanta TTC course. It was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun. The course was so much more than ‘How to teach yoga’ it has changed my whole outlook on life. If you are planning to take Arhanta TTC then you have to remain open minded and positive – only then you can reap the full benefit of this course.” Ana, England
  • Gale“The Yoga teacher training course has been a complete roller coaster which has challenged and pushed me in ways that have allowed me to grow and develop as a person as well as a teacher. Surprising, I feel completely prepared to go back home and start teaching, which is a credit to the quality of teachings we have received here.” Gale Hubbard, England
  • Wendy“I came here as a teacher already but I am going home as more experienced and a confident teacher. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who has been teaching or who wants to teach.” Wendy Henshaw, USA
  • Sandra“I had a really great time in Arhanta, I really enjoyed everything in this experience. I was happily surprised about the accommodation and food but most of all the quality of the course was excellent. The teachers are here for you, to support you, motivate you and answer all your questions.  I feel that the whole group (students and teachers) became like a big family. I would recommend this course to anybody interested in learning and experiencing classical Yoga.” Sandra, France
  • Martin“Wonderful experience ! Learned so much, would like to come back and learn more.”  Martin Kroes, Canada
  • Jayne“I have had an amazing experience at the Arhanta Yoga ashram, I learnt so much about myself and will be going home as a different person. I learnt a lot from the teachers, their teaching system really works. I didn’t think I could learn so much in such a short span of time. The teachers are approachable and you can talk to them anytime about your worries or concerns. The food was good and the accommodation comfortable. I have met so many great people here, we have become like family and I will be very sad to leave them but we will stay in touch. It was hard in the beginning to be away from the family and for me very intense but extremely worth it!” Jayne Mckey, United Kingdom
  • Denise“This month has been an amazing experience. I learned much more than I expected I could in such a short period of time. I am fully confident in my teaching abilities after completing this course. The time I spent at the ashram deepened my Yoga practice and allowed me to grow as a person. I shared every waking moment of the last month with many wonderful people whom were something better in life via the yogic path. I am lucky enough to call these people my friends. I know that the lessons I learned and friendships I made at Arhanta will last a lifetime.” Denise McWilliams, USA
  • Andrea“One month at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram was a special inner experience for me. The atmosphere and the teachers really helped me to gain the knowledge about the Yogic path which means more learning through experience. I went through harder days as all of us here but in the end I felt strong and ready to teach Yoga and this Is what I came for.” Andrea Kmetz, Hungary
  • Maja“It is a nice place here in the nature, I loved to see every day the sunrise and the sunset with nice red sun. Our teachers were everyday very motivated and they live what they teach. I have done a lot of progress in my own yoga practice in the asanas, pranayama and meditation. We got here all the knowledge and background for a Yoga teacher.” Maja Schegg, Switzerland
  • Hannah“I didn’t know what to expect when coming to this TTC. I wasn’t even sure how much I really wanted to be a yoga teacher. Now, after the course I know that I want to go home and teach. It has been such an amazing experience for me here. I have really deepened my knowledge of yoga and what it really means to live a yogic lifestyle and to be a teacher. I have been doing yoga my whole life but this teacher training enhanced my own yoga practice more than ever. It has been amazing to see my personal practice grow so much in these last four weeks. The teachers are so incredible and really have the right knowledge and the ability to teach it so beautifully. I am so happy with what I have gained from the course and my overall experience.” Hanna Nicholson, USA
  • Jessica“This course was challenging. The teachers were well informed and enthusiastic and the instructions were practical and clear. I came into this course only intending to deepen my own practice, but now I am leaving with the skills and confidence to be an excellent yoga teacher. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, theory and instructional practice.” Jessica Baker, United Arab Emirates
  • tijan“The Arhanta TTC was a life changing experience. I deepened my knowledge of yoga asanas and beyond. The practice is of outstanding quality and the teachers instructions are excellent.  I can highly recommend the Arhanta Yoga TTC for everyone with an earnest approach to yoga. It will definitely enrich you as a person and prepare you to be a very good yoga teacher.” Tijan Ramahi, Germany/Palestine
  • kristin“The Arhanta Yoga Ashram Teacher Training Course was an experience I don’t think I could have gotten with any other training course. The teachers were so knowledgeable and gave us information to help us continue on the path of yoga. The environment was simple, lush and comfortable. The simplicity of our surroundings allowed us to stay focused during our 4 weeks of studying, teaching, breathing and living yoga. I grew so much and was challenged in ways I have never been before. I am so thankful for this irreplaceable experience and would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to live a yogic lifestyle for a month. It will make you want to continue on the path of yoga for a life time!” Kristin Wetzel, USA
  • celine“I really appreciated my TTC here. The teachers were great and they gave us a good and profound approach of yoga in all its aspects. It has been a lot of work but it has been worth it, for my own practice as well as for my development as a teacher. I am thankful  for everything that I received and learned here.” Cline Coyac, France
  • brenda“I would like to let everyone know that coming here was a real challenge to my endurance for tough situations. Was it worth it. Yes. I was able to overcome a lot of obstacles. I am older than all of the students in the group and probably the least flexible. The daily asana classes helped improve my flexibility. The course was tough because you have so much to learn and so little time and you always want to learn so much more but time didn’t permit this. The teacher really taught you what you need to know to start being a confident yoga teacher. I have learned so much valuable information and am glad I came to India to learn it. If you pick this ashram come with an open mind and heart and you will succeed to starting your dream.” Brenda Andringa, Canada
  • nina“Initially I didn’t want to become a teacher, I wanted to do this course to develop myself and experience the ashram life. During the course I really started to enjoy the teaching and now I feel confident to teach at home. The ashram if peaceful and surrounded be beautiful nature. I already felt at peace after a few days, even though we got a lot of new information to think about. Inspired by the great teacher I will definitely change my way of living. I recommend this Yoga Teacher Training Course to all people with an open mind!” Nina Voets, The Netherlands
  • patsy“By no means was Arhanta teacher training easy, but nothing worthwhile in life is easy. My own practice has grown and I feel like I have grown as a person. I am looking forward to taking everything I learned back with me.” Patsy Springer, USA
  • stephanie“I arrived with low confidence in my teaching skills and now I could not feel more comfortable teaching. The teachers really have a lot of knowledge to give. The whole group really inspires you to keep pushing yourself. I am extremely proud of myself after completing the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course. I recommend this course to people who enjoy new experiences and have an open mind.” Stephanie Leblanc, Canada
  • mirte“I arrived with low confidence in my teaching skills and now I could not feel more comfortable teaching. The teachers really have a lot of knowledge to give. The whole group really inspires you to keep pushing yourself. I am extremely proud of myself after completing the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course. I recommend this course to people who enjoy new experiences and have an open mind.” Stephanie Leblanc, Canada
  • “I had a great time studying here. All the teachers have great knowledge and they are very helpful. Studying philosophy was challenging for me but I received a lot of information that opened my eyes and that made me even more interested in Vedic Philosophy. I can’t wait to read more books to deepen my understanding. The How To Teach classes were great and bursting with useful information. I didn’t have confidence to teach at first, but with the help of my teachers I grew my understanding and the confidence in myself and now I am very excited to start teaching. Also my own practice has grown much more than I ever expected. To learn about the classical Hatha Yoga and to understand the correct alignment has helped me a  lot and I am motivated to keep practicing and to keep studying . Overall it was a wonderful experience that was enhanced even more by the beautiful nature surrounding us. I had an irreplaceable time!” Yuko Narimatsu, Japan


  • When I came here I had no idea what was Yoga actually, I thought it was just exercise, once I got here I realized that yoga is a way to live my life. It’s not just body, it is mind, soul, faith, knowledge. I won’t lie; it was super hard way, every day I wanted to leave but I didn’t and I am so happy that I stayed and now that I am finishing I realize that I learn a lot and my life has changed. I really feel different. I want to keep living my life this way and I am very happy that picked this YTTC. I give a big GRACIAS to all of the teachers that make my YTTC a lot easier. Thank you for believing in me and helping me with everything. Thanks with all my heart, I will never forget this experience.” Isisneith Pernia, Venezuela / USA
  •  “You will share your experience with a variety of wonderful, interesting people. Prepare to be challenged and encouraged to think and work beyond your limits.” Pamela Pletsch, Canada
  • “If you want to become a Yoga teacher and are serious about Yoga you will learn a lot in this course. If you are just looking to deepen your practice I don’t think it’s the course- it’s not a Yoga vacation”. Kaire Kotsalainen, U.K./Estonia
  • “My confidence to teach classical Hatha Yoga has increased significantly since beginning the course. The “how to teach” contingent is very attentive to detail, especially corrections and classical techniques. I am excited to take this knowledge further”. Nic Green, England
  • “This programs strength is the low class size and the vast, comprehensive knowledge being imparted to us. It is rigorous and challenging. The philosophy class will open your mind infinitely – I am looking forward to using this ancient knowledge to live a more profound, peaceful life in the present. The asana class pushed me beyond my limits by taking me back to a very traditional approach. Learning Classical Hatha Yoga informed me about the values of Yoga and how it has gone wayward in today’s world. Also, in the pedagogy class, the structure involves a lot of practice and detail in correcting and teaching poses. As I am completing this course, I am filled with optimism for the possibilities coming my way as a result of the ways that this course helped open my mind and heart. Pareena Lim, USA /Thailand
  • “The Teacher Training Course is a very intensive course as mentioned on the website. My one month study of the course was demanding of time where almost every moment of the class is spent really for learning. The course was also demanding of students knowledge and ideas and in exercising the mind to think more profoundly and to learn and develop the better understanding of the subjects whether in philosophy, asanas , practice of teaching and setting up yoga business classes. We had bright, smart and well experienced teachers who provided good insights, examples and ideas applying the teachings of the course in practical life. The course material was comprehensive and I believe we covered all areas important for the course. Going back home and use the teachings gathered will be the most exciting par t of the learning experience. Thank you for teaching and sharing !!!” Luz Amlag, Philippines / USA
200 hours Yoga teacher training course India
Date Published: 02/19/2013
The Arhanta yoga teacher training has really surpassed my expectations. This course has everything required to prepare anyone interested to become a qualified yoga teacher.
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